The Challenge

Tailor the PCYC StarJump Challenge to suit your lifestyle. Register your interest today for the 2024 StarJump Challenge by clicking the button below.

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How It Works

1. Sign Up

Register for the PCYC StarJump Challenge 2023 here. You'll get all the info you need, as well as tips on fundraising, training and planning. We'll support you every jump of the way!

2. Fundraise

Get your community involved. Ask your friends, family, neighbours, schools, sports clubs and workplaces for support. You can even ask them to Star Jump in a team with you, or fundraise individually.

3. Jump like a star!

Start jumping! You decide what you wear, what music you play, where you jump, and who you jump with. Share pics and videos using the hashtag #pcycstarjumpchallenge and strive to fundraise as much as you can!

Choose your goal

The PCYC StarJump Challenge is open to everyone; any age, any ability. Just choose a challenging target that’s right for you. Commit to smashing out your StarJumps every day in March. Choose a fundraising target too, share it with your network, and start fundraising right away.

If you’re less mobile, modify StarJumps to suit your ability; for example, upper body only. If you want a next-level progression, try it with light dumb bells.

Little boy star jumping


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