PCYC City of Sydney (Woolloomooloo)

Star Jump Challenge 2022

We’re jumping for young Australians!

4 million young Australians experience mental health issues.

That’s why we’re jumping in The Star Jump Challenge, so that the PCYC can roll out a much-needed youth mental health program in their clubs.

We’ll be jumping every day during Youth Week, April 16-24, to raise money that will help give young Australians a brighter future.

Please support us by making a tax-deductible donation to Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Peter Driscoll




coin/cash collection from PTC office


Aaron Lenden

Awesome victor keep it up!


Melinda Gore

Go Maida, such a great cause , well done to you and all the wonderful people participating, you are already a star 🌟


Michael Krasny

Jump Victor jump


Rozina Vrlic

Such a great cause! Good luck!!!


Maida Vrlic


Ben Holmes

Best person for it



Here we go ja rule πŸ€œπŸ€›


Carol And Carlos



Paola Gortan

Great work Vic!


Glen Zille

A great Initiative Maida. let me know how well you are doing. 2 days to go!


Kelly Ross





Victor S S


Marieke Heeremans

Hi Maida!! Love your work 😘




Sophie Williams


Cindy Aguilera

Hope you reach your goal


Trevor Lapham


Gary Downie

We need video evidence of jumps!!!



Go Maida!!! I fully support this amazing star-jump challenge you are doing for mental health. Stay awesome!




Eddie Bello

Good luck. I hope you reach your goal amount



Go Chris!


Lily Swaffer

Love u ur such an amazing person for doing this xx


Kelly Ross


Kelly Ross