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My target 300 Star Jumps

Aaaaand done!

It's done! I made it to the end of the week. 
I just finished my last 300 star jumps and they were the hardest ones yet. 

My little sister kept trying to trip me over. She thought it was a fun game (it was not). 

Eventually she got bored so I star jumped my way to the door and locked it so she couldn't get back in. 

Now that it's done I'm going to crawl to the shower. 

Friends joined in

So on Friday I was having a pillow fight with my friends after school when we decided that I would do my 300 jumps whilst they threw pillows at me. 

They loved the idea and got straight into it. I tried to dodge and duck their throws and moved around the room. I'm getting pretty good at star jumps now so it wasn't too hard to keep away from my friends. 

Sometimes I'd start laughing and that's when their throws would hit me. 

Didn't matter though. I still made my 300 target! 

300 in one go

I did it. I did 300 star jumps on Wednesday in one go! I didn't think I would and wanted to take a break but Mum encouraged me. I'm so glad I did stick it out. 

Day 3 and 350 star jumps!

Whilst waiting for Dad to finish dinner I got in my 300 star jumps. I even pushed a bit more and did an extra 50! 

I didn't feel that bad after the star jumps so I must be getting fitter. 

I might try for more again tomorrow. 

It's finally here!

Everyday this week I will do 300 star jumps. 

I started with 300 on Sunday 3/4 and today I've added another 300. Today was hard as I had PSSA tryouts at school so already used up lots of my energy. 

5 more days to go 😊

Less than $200 to go

Thank you everyone that has donated to me. I reached my first goal of $500 and with one week left I am challenging myself to raise $200. 

Today I am going door knocking to see if I can get a few more donations to tip me over $7OO. 

300, that'll be easy... right?

Today I decided to see what it's like doing 300 star jumps. I thought this would be totally easy and went all out straight away. Got to 30 and realised it was a lot harder than I thought. 

Hmmmm. New tac, Start off slow and pace myself. This time I managed 40 before needing a break.

After another rethink, I thought, maybe I need to practice a bit each day leading up to the challenge week. Hopefully by then 300 will be a breeze. 

With my rest over I got 50 without stopping. In total, 130 down, 170 to go. 

By now I'm thinking star jumps are the worst but I'm determined to get to 300. I take some deep breaths and turn out 70 in a row taking me to 200. I'm so close...

After another little break, Mum said, 'Antonio only 100 to go,' the which I said, 'lucky me'😩.

I found what little energy I had left and just made it to 100 without a break ☺️.  That's my first 300 practice done! 

Nap time 🤣

Help me raise $500 for kids mental health.

About me:

Sport is my favourite thing to do, especially with my friends.

 If I'm not doing sport I can usually be found playing online with friends or hanging out with my family. 

Basically, I just love doing things with people. 

Why am I doing this:

I really like helping others and when I came across this fundraiser I thought, I can do this! 

I want people to be happy and having good mental wellbeing goes a long way to making people happy. Those negative thoughts that sometimes take over need more than will power to make them go away. They need strategies to deal with those thoughts and what I like about this program, GRIT is that is all about preventative strategies. 

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW.

Let's work to make people happy!


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Thank you to my Sponsors


Mum And Dad

Amazing work, Antonio. We are so proud of you! Xoxo


Antonio Mussone



Well done, Antonio! I'm glad your helping others. Love Grandpop


Aunty Cat

Go Antonio, such a great cause, we are so proud of you!!


Ann-marie Calilhanna

Antonio, Thank you for supporting such an important program. Mental health is under supported Don't lose count on your daily star jumps, or else you have to start again. Ha ha! Ann-Marie, number 6.



Very proud of you, !!



Have fun doing over 1000 star jumps :)


Ian Deale

Good luck Antonio


Ian Dallimore


Nana Gina

Good job, Antonio. Love Nana Gina


Patrick Wesley

Keep up the great work Antonio!


Barbara Folkard

Good luck Antonio!


Kate L

Hi thanks for your flyer in my letter box: well done young Antonio: it's good to see an enthusiastic young person wanting to help others


Kadri Your Old Mate

Hello Antonio this is a worthy cause, great job for getting to the practice 300. I know you can get to your final goal of doing 300 🌟 jumps in a row.🤩💪 Good Luck from Kadri.



Great cause, Antonio. Good luck with your goal!


Ben & Anna Unit 5

Forza Antonio! :-)


Lucrezia Russo

Great work Antonio


Craig Milloy

Great work Antonio!!




Bernadette Riordan

Good luck with tiur goal



Such a great thing to do!!! Congratulations on reaching your target too! 🎯


Lisa Sin

This is an awesome and worthy cause, Antonio! Keep bouncing all the way to the top!


Madeline Di Mento


Andrew Cao

Hello this is Mr Bob I wish I am helping people but I am too busy playing Minecraft. btw Bob is Andrew Cow🐮 Hope you are good and tell my friends I miss them.💩🐷🐌😁